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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

F.A.Q about MBBS admission in Bangladesh, Study medical in Bangladesh, Process of Admission Medical courses in Bangladesh, MBBS Fees details in Bangladesh, Education Loan

Is it easy to clear MCI after doing MBBS from Bangladesh?

It is comparatively easier as the curriculum of MBBS course taught in Bangladesh is almost similar of what is in India, the medium of Instruction is English which makes a huge difference, hence there are more chances of clearing MCI examination in the first attempt.

Every Indian student want to practice medicine in India after completing 5 years MBBS program from Bangladesh, they need to clear Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) Screening Test. Click Here about FMGE Screening Test

During MBBS in Bangladesh Students studying same medical Books and same British curriculum which are aslo followed by India Based Medical Colleges. Syllabus of medical study from Bangladesh also same which is prescribed by MCI. Those students when come back to home country after completing MBBS its very easy to clear FMGE Screen test.

Foreign Medical Graduate Examination FMGE

MBBS Study Pattern in Bangladesh

1.) I want to know Process of Admission.

Ans: Please read each and every pages of this website.
Advantages for MBBS in Bangladesh Over Medical Study in China, Philippines or Russia

In Philippines candidates need to study Basic Science for 18 months then need to seat National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) according to NMAT Rank medical institutes allowed to candidates, Philippines Medical Schools don't provide MBBS Degree. [Those things cannot disclosed by other unprofessional admission agents]

In China, Russia, Ukraine only made to recruit Indian students, and earn foreign currency. Various Medical colleges in Bangladesh only 20%-25% foreign students seat reserved according to SAARC program.

a) Cost- MBBS Fees in Bangladesh less compare to other Country, No Hidden Charges

b) Food- food habit in Bangladesh is same as India,

c) Language - Mode of Study English. Students, Professors, Lectures specks Hindi, Bengali, and English. Many students specks Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Gujarati, Oriya, Punjabi, Marathi etc.

d) Free Visa to Bangladesh. No visa processing charges like China, Philippines or Russia

e) Travel Cost 1/10 as compare to China, Philippines or Russia. Example Delhi to Manila (Philippines) Flight fare starting from Rs. 41,686 where as Delhi to Dhaka Start from Rs. 7,497. Kolkata to Dhaka Rs. Rs 4,743

2) Total Cost, Total Fees, Total Package for MBBS Study in Bangladesh

Ans: It varies from college to college Minimum Package U.S $1800 Per Year

3) Is Fees is Fixed and what are the Mode of Payment?

Ans: Yes Fees are fixed final decision by College Management of Respective Medical Colleges,
All payment will be in US$ Draft, US$ T.T Directly Send to Colleges. (Foreign Money Transfer according to RBI Rules)
MBBS Bangladesh do not handles student's fees.

4) How to convert U.S $ to Rs:

Ans: See right side real time online currency convertor or Please refer www.xe.com

5) Am I Eligible for MBBS admission?

Ans: Yes if you got 60% or more in 12th Exam with PCB & Year gap less than 2 year
i.e applicant for this year must passed his/her 12th in 2016 or after.
If any candidate pass 2015 or before not eligible.

6) How to apply for Government Medical Colleges?

Ans: If you got 95%+ in Biology and overall 85%+ you are eligible to apply in Government Medical Colleges, under SAARC Scholarship Program

7) I don't have Passport?

Ans: Apply for Passport refer and apply online www.passport.gov.in

8) What are the documents required for admission?

Ans: Passport students And Parent both, Marksheets 10th, 11th and 12th, Address Proof, Birth Certificate, School Pass-out certificates, School leaving certificate, Migration Certificates if any.

9) Need fees Structures of all colleges?

Ans: Send your scanned documents during registration we’ll send you fees structure and provisional admission confirmation email. Mail us info@mbbsbangladesh.com

10) I want to know admission process, fees structure, which medical college is best

Ans: List of Medical Colleges See Here

Fees already mentioned in websites, with college information click here MBBS Fees

Please visit our admission center in Kolkata

11) Is Medical Colleges are approved by MCI?

Ans: Yes, Please refer MCI Website:

Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE)



11) Is my MBBS Degree is valid or recognised India?

Ans: Yes, for Registration you have to appear for MCI Online Screening Test- Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE)

Good News- MCI Regional office open in all Metro Cities. For FMGE Screen Test all Doctors can select nearest home center.

List of FMGE Test Centers

S.No. City Name S.No. City Name S.No. City Name
New Delhi
Navi Mumbai
Greater Noida

12) I need any MCI Permission before Admission?

Ans: Yes eligibility certificate from the Medical Council of India (MCI) required which we process for you. For more details click here MCI Eligibility Certificate

13) I need more information!

Ans: Please call us and fix an appointment or visit our head office in Kolkata, information provided in website sufficient to start admission process from any corner of the world.

14) Is MBBS Bangladesh Consultancy is Authorized for Admission process in Bangladesh?

Ans: Yes, within India for Indian student MBBS Bangladesh Consultancy is only Authorized consultant for admission processing in Govt. Medical College and Private Medical College Admission. If any patents or guardian want to see our Authorization letters issues from various private medical colleges from Bangladesh, they can ask any point of time.

Now on-wards MBBS Bangladesh Consultancy also process admission for Gulf, Srilankan, Bhutanese, Maldev, European countries, Asian Countries, US Students

15) How much amount I have to pay for admission? Is any extra cost

Ans: You have to pay exact fees and all charges fees during admission process, all charges are fixed by individual Medical Colleges. All fees Payment directly to colleges account, you have to make US$ TT from your local bank in name of College.

16) What are the lowest MBBS packages to study MBBS in Bangladesh?

Ans: In private medical college Package (Total fees for 5 years course duration) fixed by individual colleges. Starting from Rs 18 Lac to 28 Lac in 5 years some of them including Hostel. (Depend on  $ vs Rs)

No hidden Cost like MBBS in China or MBBS in Russia Ukraine or Philippines

In Government Medical College no need to pay any fees, except food cost Hostel also free of cost! Cheer :)

17) Other agent(s) asking or taken money in cash for carried out admission in Bangladesh.

Ans: MBBS Bangladesh Consultancy will not responsible for any such circumstances if any student send or transfer or handover money to any agent(s) for admission.

Before any transaction it is advisable to contact our Head office or Come to our head office in Kolkata.

18) Still I have doubt. Please call me. Explain me in Phone

Ans: We will be happy if you come to our office – any number of times, we believe one to one conversation to clear all doubts.

We generally don’t call /ping like other consultants.

To clear all doubts you may come to our office or call us.

So its good idea to visit our office after fix an appointment ( 9:30 am to 6: 30 pm)

MBBS in Bangladesh

Contact Admission Help Desk:
Helpline: 7399007808
Email: needuhub@gmail.com
Mobile: (+91) 7399007808, (+91) 8011444856,
(+91) 8638382186

Admission Help Line- +91-7399007808
North East Educational Hub
Agia Road,Goalpara Town,Nayapara
Opp. Old Civil Hospital,Dist:Goalpara,Assam

Our Goal:  Affordable Medical (MBBS) Study at Lowest Package for Middle Class Family Best alternative option for MBBS Study outside India

20) Can I apply for other Medical Courses in Bangladesh?

Ans: Yes, MBBS Bangladesh process for PG Medical courses, MD, MS, PhD Fellowship, BDS, MDS

Admission in Government PG Medical University (Free Seat) for PG Diploma Medical, Postgraduate Medical Degree, Fellowship in Medical Courses contact our Head office in Kolkata.

21) I am ready to go! What are the transport facilities available for Bangladesh-Dhaka?

Ans: By Air Flight Time required reaching Delhi to Dhaka 2hr (Everyday), Kolkata to Dhaka 35 Minutes (Everyday)

By Bus Time 6-10 hr (Every Day)

Train from Kolkata station (Chitpur-Kolkata Station) to Dhata (Weekly)

New Bus Route Kolkata to Agartala via Dhaka, Commilla and Train will start soon. Already permitted during PM of India Narendra Bhai Modi and CM of WB Smt. Mamata Banerjee Dhaka visit in 2017.

Students of Eastern Medical College get direct bus to Kolkata or Agartala,